being here now

I believe it’s good to feel good.  

Because that’s what you want. To be yourself and feel 100% good about it. Making authentic choices that match who you are. Knowing that being you is exactly how you make an impact and change the world. Without fear, shame, or the feeling that you are giving in to anything or anyone.
I help you choose. To do what feels better, for you. .

It is my business to re-connect people to listen to their feelings, go their own way, have faith and enjoy life.  

You have it in you. Calm, confident & content. Clear on who you are and what you want.

My name is Paula Eckoldt-Wormgoor. Coach, trainer and inspirator in Amsterdam. Specialized in letting go, burnout, living in the present moment, and doing what makes you happy. I help you make Joy Based Decisions. Ready?

about Paula Eckoldt-Wormgoor

Workshops & Retreats

Workshops and Retreats on Happiness, Feeling Good, Well-being & Vitality, Inner Peace.


One-on-one attention to help you listen to your feelings, do what makes you happy and choose joy. 


Burnout Transformation Guidance

“The challenge to be present and thankful in today’s world of expectation and entitlement is a never-ending battle. I believe Being Here Now’s mission is immediately relevant on our life’s journey. Thank you for your helping me on my life’s journey!” Wale Shasanya – senior business development manager

“Being human on all fronts is what Paula lives up to beautifully by being vulnerable and powerful at the same time. As a coachee I have experienced that at various times. Through her own broad personal development, openness, humor, creativity and knowledge, Paula knows how to confront or to connect where necessary. Hereby she uses wonderful tools by working with the whole body instead of just understanding from the head. This allows you to work on different layers. I recommend Paula for people who are new to the path of personal development / who want to understand themselves better and for those who have been walking their path for a long time. She meets you at every level. I really enjoy the guidance myself because it is about making other choices IN daily life. And then it appears every time that small choices lead to big changes!” Hananja Riddersma – Manager Training & Development at Kinderstralen

“Reaching out to Paula is easy, fun and feels good! Paula really knows how to effortlessly summarize the specific needs and challenges in the workplace. She understands the essence. Paula has a very pleasant and relaxed way of presenting. She uses examples from her own life and experiences. The tips and tricks for employees on how to deal with work stress and anxieties are easy to implement. The explanations given about thoughts in relation to stress are easy to understand and recognizable. In addition, she is always willing to think along outside the basic intention of the course / workshop.” Willemijn Lammers, head of Psychiatric Care at GGZ-NH

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What To Do When You're Over-Thinking

“Just do what feels right” Great advice. And then what? Have you ever found yourself debating something, maybe even for years, weighing out the options, making all these excuses and reasons to complicate things and not make a move?
Have you ever wished you could stop over-thinking, recognize ‘right’ from ‘wrong’ and just know what to do?
In this article I share a method I use how to distinguish between Ego-driven or Heart-driven desires. It is a super easy way to help you quickly move from the state of paralyses of overthinking (Ego) to a place of clarity, calm and inspired action (Heart). 


Cover photo: Vincent van Kleef

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