I believe one sincere encounter can change the course of a lifetime.

That’s why I offer Powercoach sessions.

In a Powercoach session I give you my undivided attention. I am with you. You want to get rid of something. You long for something. Want to expand. But something is holding you back.
I see you, I hear you, I feel you. I bring into awareness that which is unaware and I follow what my intuition tells me, for you.

You do the rest.

Get in touch if you want to figure out how to move to:
– doing what brings you Joy.
– getting a Hold on Happiness.
– learning to listen to your feelings more.
– experiencing more inner peace.
– trusting your own voice.
– getting more energy and focus.

Rate per one hour session:
Private € 87 (incl. VAT)
Business €127 excl. VAT

I’d love to be of service.

About: being here now is a coaching, training and inspiration agency specialized in finding inner peace, strength and joy. All activities are aimed at activating perspective, deepening insights and increasing awareness to bring people back to their happiness, a sense of purpose and connection. All work is based on experiencing and inspiring, as being here now believes that people learn best by doing. being here now works from a place of heart connection and combines indoor and outdoor locations. In English or in Dutch.