It happens so gradually. Me? A burnout? Let’s be honest. How good are you at facing yourself squarely? About how things are going? About what you need? About not being able to function properly for a while now or enjoy life? About how long you have been ignoring the physical and emotional signs? How long has setting boundaries become an issue for you? How about getting in touch with your feelings, standing up for yourself? Do you feel depleted – honestly – and as if you’ve lost yourself? Like you can’t seem to charge your battery anymore, no matter what you do?

You might not want to hear it, but if you were to let your heart speak, it would tell you that you’re headed towards compete exhaustion and lack of perspective. A burnout.

Realizing and acknowledging that is tough, and can be frightening too. STOP continuing and going on. This is nog going to pass by, by itself. Burnout is the Hard Lesson after ignoring many gentle lessons, your stress levels and boundary issues. If you are reading this and know what I mean, you also know: (almost) Burnout = Time-out. I invite you to contact me and call me straight away, no strings attached, with all your questions about burnout or where you stand. Don’t wait any longer.



You are vulnerable and may be about to step into something fundamental: admitting and surrendering to a burnout. That can feel scary and anxious.

From the moment you call in sick to the moment you start re-entering the work space gradually, through to complete recovery is new and intense. The ‘rest of your life’ is still there and goes on….partner, family, friends…how does this work, a burnout? What can you and the people around you expect, and do best, for you and themselves?

being here now understands this, knows all about it and is here for you. Understand that you are in a position where you might be insecure, unsure, overwhelmed with employers, GP’s, company doctors asking you all sorts of things, and advising and expecting things too. In this force field it is comforting that there is someone who you can turn to, who can take you by the hand and support YOU. Who has your best interest at heart and is there to give you confidence.



Burnout recovery is an intense transformation. It isn’t ‘three visits to a coach’ and then you’re back on track. being here now has experience with this transition and guides people back from complete exhaustion through durable recovery to a place of joy and confidence. I know what it’s like to be com-plete-ly down, and what works to make your way up again.

  • Advice and support with all aspects of your recovery
  • Practical steps with exercises, tips and tricks
  • Steady transformation
  • Awareness of the liberating power of Here and Now, and the healing power of (self)Love



The methods used for reducing stress complaints and battling burnout depends on the phase you’re in, and matched accordingly.

  • reflective conversations
  • energy-balance exercises
  • mindset reset
  • mental or physical exercises
  • breathing and meditation techniques
  • mindfulness exercises
  • active or silent visits in nature

All proven methods for stress reduction and burnout recovery.


Burnout recovery is not a quick-win. It is a fundamental transformational proces. Be aware, that this is a long term effort and that you are going to make room and take time with this. Your battery is completely low and needs to recharge carefully, and learn to stay charged as well. In a 6 month trajectory we will move forward together. being here now will help you move from Surviving, to Recovering, to Thriving!



The burnout recovery program is 10 one hour sessions, every two/three weeks, spread out over 4-6 months. Please contact me to inquire about what you might need and what the program could look like, for you.



Prevention over recovery any day! The sooner you get help, the better. Ask your employer for support and their prevention funds. I can help advise what type of trajectory matches your needs best. Get in touch, no strings attached.

About: being here now is a coaching, training and inspiration agency specialized in finding inner peace, strength and joy. All activities are aimed at activating perspective, deepening insights and increasing awareness to bring people back to their happiness, a sense of purpose and connection. All work is based on experiencing and inspiring, as being here now believes that people learn best by doing. being here now works from a place of heart connection and combines indoor and outdoor locations. In English or in Dutch.