People can wait a long time before they decide to take action. Even if we're unhappy with what we're doing and where we stand. Even if we have this sense of unfulfillment, this gnawing feeling. Until we ask ourselves, when did this become normal?

It is time, to choose to feel better.


- to be calm, strong and happy
- to put staying connected to yourself, first
- to have well-being as a priority
- to have a sense of direction, meaning and balance
- to move forward based on inspiration, enthusiasm and trust
- to be successful in what you do because you know that joy leads the way


- to lead from a place of truth and listen to what feels better
- to let enthusiasm and joy be your compass
- to be unapologetic about minding your energy, vitality and sense of joy
- to make thousands of daily choices based on feeling better, and see what happens
- to trust that you (always) know what you truly want


being here now serves people who are struggling with energy, purpose and vitality related issues. People who are stuck, finding it challenging to keep up, or are nog longer fulfilled with what they're doing. People who have somehow lost connection with their sense of direction and happiness. For example in burn-out or stress related cases but also in purpose and self-esteem related issues. In Dutch or in English. We prefer to prevent, however know all about recovery, too.

Everything is aimed at activating perspective, obtaining insights and expanding awareness. Our purpose? To help you get a Hold on your Happiness.

being here now works within (international) organizations on professional well-being, setting boundaries, feeling well, reviving talent and vitality. We give workshops, classes, talks, coaching and retreats. We believe that people learn best by doing. Everything is aimed at stimulating self-experience, self-recognition, and self-growth. Indoor or outdoor. People want to become better versions of themselves.

For business trainings en tailor-made workshops, being here now is sparring partner, consultant and trainer.
For personal questions being here now is coach en inspirator.

Who is being here now? About Paula


See what being here now can do for you, if you or your professionals,
- are serious about making quality of life a priority
- are ready to change the way you look at things and discover that more joy in your daily choices will mean more succes, personally and professionally
- are looking for insights and tools that bring immediate peace, inner strength and positive call-to-action perspective
- cherish feeling good, energy balance and vitality, and are ready to start taking care of yourself in all areas of life
- are open to be guided from Surviving to Thriving

Get in touch and let's discover what you want, what will make you(r people) feel better and focused, naturally, from inside.

Paula 06-46162130 or

"Choosing Joy over To Do, brings Joy back into To Do"


It is the mission of being here now, to spread awareness on Joy and Self-Love as the compass by which to reach personal and business succes. It will guide every individual and every organisation to it's highest potential. It will create the biggest impact, for the good of all.

being here now is a signpost for those looking for ways to find inner peace, meaning, and purpose.
being here now works from a place of trust, love and connection.
being here now believes everyone is looking for the same thing, their essence: to feel joyful, meaningful and at peace. We all want to Feel Better. We all want to get a Hold on Happiness.


being here now encourages combining in-door, out-door, private and group session experiences. Everything has its time, place, value and function. Personal consultations can take place in-company, although sometimes stepping out of the rat-race for outdoor coaching, does just the trick. When guiding groups (in- or out-door), our expert professionals ensure maximum learning safety to facilitate personal growth and understanding.

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in the woods


private coach room


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