“My name is Paula Eckoldt-Wormgoor. I know what it is like to ignore your feelings, to choose the safe way out, to keep yourself small, to choose practical over dreams and tempered over joyful.

When the call to do something about my misery became great enough, I recognized and accepted that EVERYTHING falls into place when I do what feels right for me and brings me the most joy. This leads me to the truest and most successful version of myself. Feeling Better as a clear compass.

We are most happy and most fulfilled when we can be ourselves. Then we can shine and serve with our natural gifts. That is why we are here.

I know the sacrifices, struggles, ups and downs and insecurities that come with choosing to Feel Better. It is part of the way. I have a choice every time. Do I stay with it, or not. Am I going for it, or not?

I have followed my calling: To share what it means to Do what brings you Joy and take care of yourself. With my attention I wholeheartedly bring people into the Here and Now. As a coach and trainer I am an inspirator, a signpost for the road from fear to faith.”



Paula Eckoldt-Wormgoor (1976)
I love to make contact. It comes naturally. My curiosity and open heart towards others, combined with my fascination with awareness and spiritual growth, draws me to the role of guide, signpost, coach, supervisor, trainer, inspirator.

After many life lessons about insecurity, loss, fear, shame, acceptance, love, happiness, courage, trust and liberation, being here now is my logical step to be of service to others about Joy, from a place of love.

As a child of expats, I grow up bilingual in different developing countries. This was my natural habitat for years. Just being where you are and with who you are. I have a happy childhood as a tropical globetrotter. I only realize much later how this has fueled my talent for being open to contact and living in the present moment.

I study Human Geography of Developing Countries in Utrecht and live in Thailand for a long time. Here I encounter my first personal awareness experiences and am deeply impressed by the enrichment and liberation this brings. You could say I’m hooked :-). A (then) indefinable sense of understanding and meaning feels like coming home.

My enthusiasm for personal development is like a thread that weaves through my life once I return to the Netherlands. I study it, read it, live and learn to train in it. I continue working as an urban development project manager for various large municipalities, and then change my career. I work within the municipality of Amsterdam as a trainer and developer of training courses for a while. Yet this is not enough. There’s a small voice gnawing at me. A feeling that I’m keeping myself small, that I’m not allowing myself to be honest about what would really make me happy, where my heart really lies.

As a result of ignoring my feelings and not taking my talent seriously, in combination with a few intense life events, I get burnt out. I slowly extinguish. Disappear. The company doctor sends me home with a burnout. A Godsend. I know: It is Time. During my recovery, I see clearly what it is I have to do. I resign, go from fear to love, embrace what makes me happy and start being here now. The start of a new adventure.

My style: lighthearted, honest, loving, dedicated and with humor.
I am married and live with my husband and two children in Amsterdam.



-Outdoor lifecoaching
-NLP practitioner, master, trainer
-Cognitieve Behavioral change
-Family System Constellations
-A Course in Miracles
-Eckhart Tolle, Thich Nath Hanh, Gabrielle Bernstein, The Hicks… and many others…:-)
-15 years management experience



I can be booked as a speaker for your event with inspirational talks, classes or lectures about living in the present moment, turning your life around, moving from head to heart, feeling better, finding inner peace, strength, choosing Joy, living with and overcoming burnout or stress. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions about what I can do for you.


It is my personal mission, to cherish this beautiful planet. Here I also say: it is time. To be grateful for the level of comfort and welfare we can experience everyday and to accept that it has its limits.

I want to contribute to a safe sustainable world, so that future generations everywhere can (also) grow up in a comfortable world.

Honoring the balance on this planet asks that we become aware of the Carbon Footprint of our lifestyle, and learn how to manage and control it.

being here now therefore tries to offer beautiful and inspiring retreats in the Netherlands, or just outside.