5 Reasons Why a Silent Walk in January is a Really Good Idea

Googling for “Silent Walks” might not be top-of-mind at the start of 2018, but if your intention is to keep your stress levels in check, create more me-time and work on a purposeful healthy work-life balance, here are 5 good reasons you definitely want to keep your eye out for a Silent Walk near you.

1. Walking in Silence shifts you from doing to Being in a profound way. More specifically, you are practicing Being while doing, which is basically the blissful state we all aim to master. Being, is the counter state of stress. Find a way to practice Being in the present moment while doing – like during a silent walk – and you will benefit tremendously.

2. In silence there’s nothing to search for, long for, want or achieve. What a relief! There is just pure space to breathe and feel. To allow. You will make room for the things that truly want to be seen and give you authentic direction. If anything, this will deepen and strengthen your intentions for 2018.

3. Walking in nature automatically relaxes you. It shifts your attention from inward (thoughts) to outward (sensory perceptions). Which calms the nervous system. Because of the heightened perceptions you are also reminded that you are already complete. An awareness that melts away perceived stress. You are mind and body and soul. Being in nature awakens your True Nature.

4. It lowers your cortisol and adrenaline levels. If you are serious about keeping your stress levels in check, chances are your stress hormone levels need attention. Spending time in nature automatically releases endorphins and dopamines which are the immediate anti-dotes for your stress hormones, causing their levels to decrease.

5. Do something for 40 days. I’m not saying walk in silence for 40 days 🙂 . I’m saying if you are serious about wanting to incorporate a new intention into your system, you need to give it your full attention for the first 40 days. Add a silent walk to your own 40 day program and you are on your way like never before.

So with the weekend coming up, when you sit down to google for the nearest yoga class, meditation circle, sauna deal or physical therapy session, see if there is a Silent Walk nearby you can join. It’ll give you all the same benefits (well, maybe not the extreme sweating).
An activity that combines movement, meditation, a sense of being, breath-work, and outdoor freshness in one, is one to keep top-of-mind from now on!

Paula Eckoldt
Nu Hier Zijn – Being Here Now

p.s. There is a silent walk in the Dunes near Haarlem you can join on Saturday morning January 20th. Click here for more info.

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